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James Johnson

I'm a part time photographer, triathlete and eCommerce guy based in Brisbane Australia. I've won highly commended awards for my photography, been published in Triathlon and Multi Sport Magazine and enjoy capturing action, adventures and abstract images.

I talk about digital strategy and insights and all things digital at Digital Cadre.

Testimonials & Feedback

"One of the contests stand-out images, an abstract pattern formed by colourful jellyfish against a vibrant blue background. Colour is one of the keys to this image, the other is positioning of the jellyfish within the frame. Again simplicity of colour and subject matter have created a strong photograph." Peter Eastway

"The detail in these jellyfish is wonderful to behold, while the dark background provides strong contrast for the subtle greens and blues. The tight framing has created an abstract image of shapes, but the longer you look at this photo, the more you enjoy the fine detail captured by the Lecia lens." Peter Eastway

Peter Eastway - Peter is a Grand Master of Photography, the editor of Better Photography magazine in Australia, and the author of the Lonely Planet's Guide to Landscape Photography.