Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dubrovnik was the final leg of our recent Balkan adventure through Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

Dubrovnik has always been an important maritime city, and a strategic seaport for those that have inhabited it. The Old Town shows its Venetian heritage with encircling defensive walls and streets of limestone that have been polished smooth by centuries of foot traffic. The walls that surround the city are around 6 metres thick on the landward side and up to 14 metres high on the seaward side.

Main street of Dubrovnik old town at night

The architecture is amazing and it's great to see the loving restoration that continues to this day - as well as an occasional bar perched on the rocks and nestled between the walls and the sea.

Highlight - seeing the cruise ships and associated crowds leave town...

Lowlight - adjusting to the relative hordes of tourists after travelling through countries where mass western tourism hasn't quite hit...


Dubrovnik - A city of contrasts


Dubrovnik - Modern life in an historic city...

Dubrovnik old harbour at night