Amalfi Coast Wander

A recent hiking trip took us from Ravello, through Amalfi, Conca dei Marini and Praiano to Positano over an 8 day period.

The trip was a great mix of rugged coastline and peaceful forests with many small family farms dotted amongst the terraces. Travelling in May provided some amazing colours and glorious light throughout our journey and allowed us to meet the genuine locals along the way.

Positano in the morning light

Walking along the Path of the Gods ("Sentiero degli Dei" in Italian) was a great experience - there were several 'moments' with walking close to the edge of a cliff with a 100 metre drop. It wasn't surprising to see some small goat herds along the way since we certainly were walking on a goat track. The effort of hiking through the hills and up the cobbled steps was well worth it, with sweeping views around every bend - a perfect opportunity to watch the boats and ferries zoom along in the distance below.

Another amazing sight were the gardens of the Villa Rufolo, perched high above the coastline in Ravello. Classical music performances are regularly held in the gardens - truly a perfect location...

Highlight -  the scenery, getting a good workout from the thousands of stairs, the hospitality of the locals, food and gelato!

Lowlight - getting a good workout from the thousands of stairs...

Church near Conca dei Marini

View along the Sentiero degli Dei - "Path of the Gods"Cool forests just a kilometre from the coastlineTown of Amalfi The ragged coastline from the water 

Gardens at Villa Rufolo Amalfi harbour area


Outline of our hike: 

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